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Tips for a Safer Summer Vacation

Keep your family safer this summer while you’re out on the road or the lake with these summer vacation safety tips from Value Plus Insurance in Minnesota.

Summer Home Safety Tips for Homeowners

There’s nothing quite as lovely as a day in the summer sun after a long winter, and with summer right around the corner, there’s plenty of sunshine up ahead. If you’re like us, you’re looking forward to spending more time outdoors taking advantage of the warm weather. From backyard cookouts to camping trips to dining al fresco in our own backyards, there’s nothing quite like spending time outdoors on a cool summer evening.

How to Save on Car Insurance

Whether you live in Wisconsin or Minnesota, it’s hard to get around without a ride. And with all of the beautiful scenery we’re graced with, especially in the summer months, there’s nothing quite like the freedom of having a good, reliable car.

What Liability Means for Homeowners and Renters

When you invite guests into your home, you’re probably thinking about what kind of food you want to serve or how much seating you’ve got for your company. If you’re like most people, the last thing you’re thinking about is whether you’ve got some unforeseen liability issues that could end with a claim on your homeowners insurance. But if one of your guests gets injured while on your property, you could end up having to make a claim, which is why it’s important to understand what your insurance covers.

Understanding Your Auto Insurance Policy

There’s nothing like the thrill of the open road as you cruise ahead toward the horizon with the windows rolled down and the sunset behind you. You’ve got the perfect road trip playlist, a beautiful ride, and even better company. Unfortunately, you’ve also got an insurance policy that’s costing you an arm and a leg.

How Does a DUI Affect Your Insurance?

Get help moving past a DUI with your SR-22 insurance company, Value Plus Insurance in Minnesota.

Do You Need to Update Your Boat Insurance?

Make sure your boat is insured before you head out on the lake this year by signing up with the right boat insurance company with Value Plus Insurance in Minnesota and Wisconsin!

Tips for Recovering Stolen Property After a Burglary

No one wants to experience a burglary. Knowing someone has been inside your home and violated your privacy is hard enough, but losing your belongings can be devastating. And then there’s the cost to your sense of security and trust in your family’s safety.

Auto Insurance and Holiday Collisions

Stay safe while driving this holiday shopping season with help from Value Plus Insurance, your trusted insurance brokerage company.

Now is the Time to Plan for Open Enrollment

Take a walk around your neighborhood and you’ll see a world filled with the signs of autumn. From falling leaves to pumpkin-filled porches, it’s that time of year when we’re all looking forward to kids in costumes, Thanksgiving, and soon enough, Christmastime. While you’re starting to plan ahead for holiday shopping and family celebrations, it’s also important to add one more thing to your list: open enrollment.

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