Minnesota's weather is pretty much "winter", and with the sleds coming out of storage, you'll want to be sure that you're going to be on our 20,000 miles of groomed trails with sufficient snowmobile insurance coverage. Minnesota doesn't require snowmobile insurance, but if you're buying a new sled, and you're financing it, your lender will likely require it. Regardless of the lack of any mandatory snowmobile insurance requirement in Minnesota, Value Plus Insurancemight be able to help you with the expenses connected with snowmobiling injuries or property damage, no matter who might be responsible for it. This can include liability coverage, medical payments, collision and even theft coverage.


Additional Coverage

Other types of snowmobile insurance coverage are available too. Those can include uninsured and underinsured snowmobiler coverage, accessory coverage and even comprehensive insurance for an occurrence caused by something other than a collision like storms, theft or vandalism. Like a motor vehicle, you can even purchase roadside assistance so that you can call for help and transportation for yourself and your snowmobile to the nearest repair facility.


Your Homeowners Insurance Won't Cover You

Remember that when you're on your sled, neither you nor it are covered under your homeowners insurance. If you hurt somebody with your snowmobile, your homeowners insurance company will neither defend you or pay any damages that might be awarded against you. Your trailer probably isn't covered under your auto insurance either, but we can usually add collision coverage for that trailer for next to nothing. If you're using your snowmobile in a state where insurance is required, your policy adjusts to meet the minimum liability insurance requirements in whatever state that you're in. We can even arrange to adjust your coverage to Canada.



We want you to take advantage of any snowmobile insurance discounts that might be available for you. You might be able to pack two or more snowmobiles onto one policy. Memberships in snowmobile clubs and completion of snowmobile safety courses are encouraged by insurers. Here at Value Plus, we'll also do what we can to help you discount your premium during lay-up periods.


We're independent insurance agents, and  we'll shop a wide range of insurers to suit your needs. We'll even search out better rates for you before every snowmobile season starts. Even safe snowmobilers assume risks of property damage, liability or injury. Cover those with us at Value Plus Insurance. We'll be happy to talk to you. Call us at 952-435-0550.