Because motorcycles don't offer the protection of a steel skeleton, air bags or seat belts, drivers and riders are far more exposed and vulnerable to serious personal injury or death than drivers or passengers in other motor vehicles.  Motorcycles don't offer the stability of four wheels, and even an impact at a speed that automobile bumpers are designed to withstand can cause serious personal injury.


What the law requires for minimum insurance coverage in Minnesota is better than most states, but it's wholly insufficient if you're on a motorcycle.  Your liability insurance covers injuries and property damage that you're responsible for in an accident.  $30,000 in liability coverage just isn't enough if somebody is hospitalized for a week due to an accident you caused, particularly if a surgery and physical therapy are involved.  That somebody could be a passenger on your bike.


Also important in the context of bodily injury coverage is uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance.  We all know there are plenty of people out there who just ignore the law and drive without insurance or only with minimum insurance.  You're protected for bodily injury if you're in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist, even if you only have minimum insurance yourself, but again, it just isn't enough coverage, especially with a motorcycle.


If you're riding on minimum liability coverage, your motorcycle isn't insured for any damage you do to it.  You'll want collision insurance if your bike collides with another vehicle or object.  Even if somebody collides with you, just pay your deductible, and you can get your bike repaired or replaced.  If there's no collision with another vehicle or object, your bike can still be damaged by weather, fire or vandalism.  It can even be stolen.  That's what comprehensive coverage coverage is for.  You want that on top of your collision coverage.  Don't forget about your permanent custom accessories either.  They're not cheap, so they should be insured too.


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