While there are logical reasons many homeowners don't give much thought to their homeowners insurance policies (until they need it, of course) it can lead to you outgrowing, and even over-paying for your home insurance. So that leads us to a question you may be asking yourself, why is homeowner's insurance so often ignored? Well, we have some answers for you.


Homeowners Insurance is Frequently Mandated

The fact is, if you have a mortgage on your home, your lender has likely mandated you acquire homeowners insurance. This is not necessarily to protect you, but to protect their interest should a devastating loss occur. The insurance may have been initially put into force with the original purchase of your property years, and maybe even decades ago. Many homeowners have never even taken the time to look at their homeowners insurance policy, at least not since it was purchased. Simply having mandated insurance makes it easy to overlook the details and only make sure your overarching needs are fulfilled. Don’t let mandated insurance allow you to overlook your home and families specific insurance needs.


Home Insurance Premiums are often Included in Mortgage Payments

Many mortgage payments include both taxes and insurance in the payments, again, to protect the interest of the holder of the mortgage. This often leaves the homeowner with no real idea of the cost of their homeowners insurance.


This frequently leaves the homeowner not only unaware of what type of coverage he may have, but even what he is paying for the coverage he does have. Yet every month, millions of homeowners pay for homeowners insurance this way, unsure of their coverage or what they are paying for that coverage.


You Should be Proactive with your Home Insurance

If you don't become proactive with your home insurance, you may end up overpaying for inadequate coverage. That's why we encourage you to get a no cost, no obligation home insurance evaluation from Value Plus Insurance. We'll take a look at your present policy to see if you have the coverage you believe you may have. We'll make sure your home insurance is keeping up with the value of your home and your present life situation.


We are an established and growing in the Wisconsin and Minnesota region because we work everyday to find our clients the rates and coverage they deserve. We are constantly in search of ways to provide our clients value when it comes to their insurance coverage. Whether it is commercial insurance, motorcycle insurance, health insurance, life insurance or home insurance, our team has you covered.


If you are unsure of your home insurance coverage or even what you may be paying for that coverage, contact Value Plus Insurance today at 952-435-0550 or visit us online for more information.