Why Renters, Including Students, Need Renters Insurance

People in Burnsville, MN and the surrounding Minneapolis/St. Paul MN area choose to rent for a variety of reasons. For some, there are economic reasons. Some may be employed in the area on a temporary assignment. Others may be downsizing as retirement nears and still, others may be students or those just starting out in their careers. These are all situations where acquiring renters insurance would be a smart thing to do.


Why Renters are at Risk

Many renters may feel that the owner of the property they rent from will have insurance and they may be right. The problem is the insurance a rental property owner carries is only designed to protect the owner's interests, not those of the tenant. Protection from liability claims or on your personal property does not extend to the tenant, leaving renters at risk.


What Renters Insurance Covers

Generally, renters insurance will cover you for any liability claims against you that are related to your rented space. This means that if a friend, relative, friend-of-a-friend, or delivery person is injured while at your rented space, you will have coverage to protect you from financial loss.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of renters insurance is that it can cover your personal belongings in a loss due to fire, water damage, or even theft. When you consider what you have invested in clothes and furniture alone, that can be sizeable. When you add in your electronic devices like laptops, cellphones, televisions, and others, you can see how valuable renters insurance can be. For students who are particularly attached to their electronic devices and have significant investments in learning materials, this coverage is particularly important.


Renters insurance can even extend to when you are on the road, covering personal property in your car or a hotel room when traveling. The best part may be that renters insurance is extremely affordable, especially when added to an existing vehicle insurance policy.


Getting Coverage is Easy

Getting renters insurance coverage is as simple as contacting us at Value Plus Insurance. With offices based in Burnsville, MN, we serve the entire Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area. We will take your basic information and quickly shop for your best price. We will continue to shop for your best price automatically every six months afterward. This helps ensure you are getting the best coverage at the best price, always.

At Value Plus Insurance, we can assist you in getting the best value when it comes to all of your loss prevention products include:

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Savings may even be accelerated when coverage is bundled. Now may be the time to move to Value Plus Insurance. Contact us for a no obligation, no-cost insurance review, and quote. You'll get more than just an automatically generated price estimate. You get the help of real agents with real experience in making sure you get the best coverage for the best possible price. Contact Value Plus Insurance today!