Everyone knows that motorcycle coverage is important, but what if you aren't riding? There are many times when a motorcycle may get put away: it may be the wrong season, you may ride only on weekends, or you may experience a life change (such as a longer commute). Boats only need to be insured by season, so what about motorcycles?


Motorcycle Storage Insurance

Motorcycles are considered to be like cars; you generally need full coverage on them. But that doesn't mean that you have to pay the same amount if you're not using it. There is insurance that you can use when your motorcycle is in storage. You just need to connect with your insurance company and let them know that your vehicle isn't being used. But you shouldn't cancel your insurance, and here's why...


Canceling Your Insurance Can Be Dangerous

If you cancel your motorcycle insurance, you won't be covered for other issues... such as if your motorcycle is stolen or vandalized. You also need to keep in mind that premium rates are often calculated based on whether you've kept yourself insured over time; if you have had a gap in your insurance, you could experience an increase in premiums when you go back to sign up again. And, of course, it also means that you can't use your motorcycle during this time, even if there's an unexpected period of nice, enjoyable weather.


The truth is that many insurance companies are already expecting you to ride during the pleasant weather months, so you may already be getting a solid rate over that twelve month period. Canceling your policy will only lead to higher rates and make you vulnerable to theft and vandalism. And there are some other options: for instance, if you have more than the required amount of coverage, you can consider dropping the additional coverage (and increasing your deductible) on months that you aren't using your motorcycle.


Of course, the real reason most people want to cancel their insurance policy is to save money, but there are easier ways to do so. Try to get quotes on different insurance policies, consider bundling your policies, and look for discounts. If you need a cheaper motorcycle insurance policy, contact the experts at Value Plus Insurance.