A DUI is one of the most costly mistakes you can make. If you’ve been caught drinking and driving, you know that coming back from a DUI offense can be difficult and expensive. It can also be embarrassing. Even if you know you’ll never make the same mistake again, you are branded as a high-risk driver for at least several years after getting hit with a DUI.


At Values Plus Insurance, we understand how hard it is to get your life back on track after you get a DUI. We’ve put together this helpful guide to getting insured after a DUI.


Getting a DUI

For many drivers, a DUI can come as a bit of a shock. The legal threshold for blood-alcohol levels is much lower than most people realize. What starts out as a special occasion or a dinner out can easily turn into what feels like the worst night of your life. You’re arrested and your car is impounded, but that’s only the beginning.


A DUI can result in serious fallout:

●        A suspended license

●        Heavy fines

●        Jail time

●        Increased insurance costs


SR-22 Documentation

After getting a DUI, most states you to file a document known as an SR-22 certificate. An SR-22 demonstrates to the state that you are maintaining insurance coverage so that you can be held financially accountable in case of any future accidents. At Values Plus insurance, we specialize in handling SR-22 documents and can help you provide yours to the Department of Motor Vehicles in the necessary time frame. This helps you get back behind the wheel much faster.


High-Risk Insurance

For drivers who have a DUI on their record, you can expect to see an increase in your insurance because you pose a greater risk to the insurance company. Whether you are in Minnesota or Wisconsin, we will help you get your insurance at the most affordable rate even with this higher risk classification. We will shop around for DUI insurance to get you the best deal. Drivers are often surprised at the rates we are able to secure for them after a DUI.


Minnesota and Wisconsin SR-22 Insurance Company

If you’ve had a DUI, it’s not the end of the world. A DUI can be a setback, but with the right help, you can be on the road to putting it behind you faster than you know.. Value Plus Insurance serving Minnesota and Wisconsin can walk you through the process of bouncing back after a DUI and making sure it doesn’t happen again. Talk to our vehicle insurance brokers at 952-435-0550 for a homeowners insurance quote, or contact us to learn more about SR-22 and DUI insurance options.