There are plenty of great reasons to rent rather than buy a home. Renting offers much greater flexibility than homeownership. You can easily decide to move without being tied down to a mortgage and sucked into the lengthy home selling process.


Whether you rent because of flexibility, location, or amenities, you still need the same protection that homeowners get when it comes to your property. That’s why it’s important to invest in renter’s insurance no matter where you rent. That’s why our team at Value Plus Insurance has put together this room by room guide to understanding renter’s insurance.


1.      The Living Room

If your home is burglarized, there’s a good chance your burglars are going to hit your electronics in the living room first. If you’ve got electronic devices plugged in and charging, those are easily taken and pawned. They may also steal electronics from your home entertainment system as well as your desktop computer. Your renter’s insurance will cover burglaries after your deductible is met.


2.      The Bedroom

Most people keep cherished valuables in their bedroom. If a burglar ransacks your dresser and takes off with your jewelry, you’ll be happy you paid a little extra for a rider to cover your grandmother’s diamond ring. You can also expect your renter’s insurance to cover the window a burglar trashed breaking into your home.


3.      The Kitchen

Your kitchen might not be burglarized, but it could catch on fire. In fact, your kitchen is one of the most likely sources of fire in your home. Both dryers and stoves are common causes of fires in rental homes. Whether your appliances need to be replaced or you need all new kitchen equipment, it should be covered after you’ve met your deductible.


4.      The Yard

If someone is injured on your property, a lawsuit could be financially devastating. Fortunately, renter’s insurance covers you in case of liability. That means if someone claims they were injured by tripping in your yard, chances are pretty good you’ll be covered.


Protecting Minnesota Renters with a Renters Insurance Bundle

It’s important to expect the best but plan for the worst. If you owned a home, you wouldn’t think twice about getting homeowners’ insurance. Why take a chance as a renter? At Value Plus Insurance, we can make sure you’re protected whether you live in the suburbs or a hip downtown apartment. Give us a call at 952-435-0550, or contact us to learn more about a renters insurance bundle.