It’s summertime in Minnesota! That means blue skies, bright sunshine, and of course, plenty of weekends at the lake! Whether you’re out on a pontoon, a speedboat, or a luxury yacht, before you take to the water, you’ll need to get boat insurance before you hit the lake. No matter how large or small your watercraft, accidents are always a possibility when you’re out on the water.


At Value Plus Insurance, we offer boat insurance to keep you safe and protected all summer long. Here’s what you need to know about boat insurance this summer.


1.      It Covers More Than Your Home Insurance Boat Coverage.

It’s a common mistake to think that since your boat is covered by your homeowners insurance, you don’t need to have a separate policy for your boat. Most homeowners insurance policies offer very minimal coverage that will only cover boats with smaller or no engines such as sailboats. If you’ve got a powerboat, don’t count on your homeowners insurance to cover it.


2.      It Covers More Than Just the Boat.

Boat coverage is similar to auto insurance. It covers damage to your boat, but it also covers quite a bit more. This includes property damage your boat may cause against a dock or another boat. If you run aground or hit something while you’re out on the lake, that will be covered, too. Vandalism, fire, theft, and more are covered by boating insurance.


3.      It Includes Medical and Liability

If you’re involved in a boating accident that leads to injury, your boat insurance can cover your medical expenses. It can also pay for an injury to someone who slips and falls while they’re out on your boat. This protects you from getting hit with unexpected medical bills.


4.      It Includes Roadside Assistance

It’s fun to be on the lake, but only if you want to be. Not much is worse than getting stuck out on the water in need of a tow to shore. If your boat needs a tow, your boating insurance may cover roadside assistance.


5.      It’s Not Just for Boats

If you own smaller watercraft designed for a single person, these can and should be covered by boat insurance. Jet skis and similar watercraft are just as prone to accidents as larger boats. It can also cover you in case of an uninsured boater that causes damage to your boat. Stereos, fishing equipment, and even personal property on your boat can all be covered.


Boat Insurance: Protecting Minnesotans While They’re Out on the Lake

If you’re getting ready to take advantage of the summer sun and spend some time out on the water, don’t forget the essentials. You’ll need sunscreen, life preservers, and of course, good boat insurance coverage.


At Value Plus Insurance, our vehicle insurance professionals can help you choose the boat insurance policy that works best for you. Speak with our agents at 952-435-0550, or contact us to order your boat insurance policy today.