With summer just around the corner, Minnesotans are starting to look forward to summer plans. For boat owners, summertime means long days spent out on the lake making memories with friends and loved ones to last a lifetime. Whether your idea of a good time is fishing on a pontoon boat or hosting dinner parties on your yacht, it’s important to make sure your boat insurance is updated before setting out.


At Value Plus Insurance, we connect Minnesota and Wisconsin residents with the best insurance policies for their needs. In this blog post, we’ll talk about getting your boat insurance updated for the season.

1.   More Comprehensive Coverage Than Homeowner Policies

Many boat owners mistakenly believe their homeowner’s policy will provide sufficient coverage for their watercraft, but without dedicated insurance from a boat insurance company, they may be exposing themselves to major liabilities.


The truth is that any coverage provided by home insurance policies is minimal and may not cover all types of watercraft, such as those driven by small engines or sails. The bottom line is that counting on insufficient coverage may leave you vulnerable to serious financial loss.

2.   Coverage for Personal Injury on the Water

Comprehensive coverage for your boat helps avoid unnecessary medical expenses. Whether calamity strikes you or your passengers, how to pay for emergency care should not be your first concern. Boat insurance can alleviate such concerns.

3.   Coverage Beyond the Watercraft Itself

Covering your boat is not so different from the way you insure your car. While insurance for your auto may cover damage to buildings or other vehicles should you be involved in a collision, good boat insurance may cover losses incurred by owners of a dock, slip, or other watercraft. Furthermore, you will be covered if you incur damage by random objects in the water or after having run aground. You will also be protected from vandalism, theft, or fire.


4.   Coverage Beyond the Boat

Many policyholders assume that coverage is just for traditional vessels like boats. However, policies may be written for jet skis, catamarans, and personal watercraft. Insurance can also help if you are involved in an incident with another boater who is uninsured. Furthermore, policies can cover loss or damage to equipment such as fish finders, audio equipment, or GPS locators.

5.   A Different Kind of Roadside Assistance

While it may be a bit of a misnomer to call it “roadside” assistance, your boat may well require a tow at some point. While having a broken boat miles from the dock isn’t your best day on the lake, at least you will be covered for expenses getting it back to shore.


Call to Get Your Boat Insurance Price Quote

With summer just around the corner, don’t wait until you’re ready to head to the lake to make sure you’re set up with a great boat insurance rate. At Value Plus Life Insurance, our watercraft insurance experts can help get you connected with the best options for your boat and your needs.


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