Last year, no one could have imagined how fundamentally life would change very soon. The novel coronavirus has impacted almost every aspect of most Americans’ lives. Millions of Americans are working from home, and families that never imagined homeschooling as an option are suddenly considering it for the fall. Instead of summer festivals and vacations, families are spending their time bonding at home more than ever before.


As we work together to overcome the unique challenges posed by COVID-19, you may find yourself wondering if the novel coronavirus will in any way affect your insurance policies. The Burnsville personal insurance experts at Value Plus Insurance are here to help you navigate these challenging times. In this post, we’ll talk about the impact of coronavirus on your homeowner’s insurance and how we can help.

Processing Claims

When you’re working outside of the home, you’re often away from your home for 40 or more hours per week, and that’s not including the time you spend commuting to and from work. With your family spending much more time at home, there’s an increased chance you’ll need to file a homeowner’s insurance claim.


With your family cooking every meal at home, the chance that you’ll experience a kitchen fire or another similar claim goes up. You’re also more likely to order food or grocery delivery service, which means there’s an increased risk of someone getting injured on your property. This makes liability insurance more important than ever.

Saving on Insurance

With all of the uncertainty, you may be looking for ways to cut costs. One way to shave down your expenses is to look at your insurance policies. Now is an ideal time to evaluate the coverage offered by your current homeowner’s insurance policy and decide if there’s a better financial fit for your home and family.


At the same time, you may determine that better coverage is available at a more affordable price. An insurance agent from Value Plus Insurance can help you through an insurance audit to determine if it’s possible to save on your policy.

Home Improvements and Discounts on Homeowner’s Insurance Cost

Many homeowners are using their time at home to undertake home improvements. Many home improvements that are meant to be cosmetic can actually make your home safer. When you install a home security system or make updates to your siding or roof, you may become eligible for homeowners insurance discounts. An agent can discuss some of the improvements that may help reduce your costs.


Here are a few more things you may wish to discuss with your agent:


●        How claims processing is affected by social distancing

●        Adding home office equipment to your policy

●        Options available for payment arrangements

Contact Your Minnesota Homeowners Insurance Company

The world can seem a little uncertain in these challenging times. But one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is choosing the right homeowners insurance policy. That’s where our experts at Value Plus Insurance come in to help.


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