With midsummer in full swing, there’s nothing quite like spending time outdoors. Whether you’re a lifelong rider or you’re just thinking about picking up your first bike, one of the best ways to enjoy summertime in Minnesota is on the back of a bike. But before you strap on that helmet and head out for a ride, you’ll need to get signed up for motorcycle insurance.


At Value Plus Insurance, we’re committed to answering your most pressing insurance questions so you can live your best life knowing you’re well-insured. In this post, we’ll break down some of the most common motorcycle insurance questions and talk about how we can help get you on the road safely.

1.   Do I need to insure my Vespa or other motor scooter?

If your idea of a fun two-wheel ride involves a sleek Burgman or a modded-out vintage Lambretta or Vespa, you’ll be happy to learn that motorcycle insurance protects scooters as well as motorcycles.


Just like motorcycles, street-legal motor scooters are subject to laws requiring helmets and liability insurance. You’ll also need to purchase insurance if you plan to ride a moped. To be exempted from this rule, a moped or scooter must have no more than two-brake horsepower, a 50 cc or lower engine, and a speed of less than 30 miles per hour on a flat surface.

2.   Will motorcycle insurance cover a sidecar?

Sidecars are a great way to share the fun with a passenger or a well-trained canine companion. Sidecars can be figured into your bike’s total value and are considered part of the motorcycle or scooter.

3.   What other types of vehicles does motorcycle insurance cover?

After years of enjoying status as something of a novelty, motorized trikes and three-wheel motorcycles are starting to become more mainstream. These types of vehicles are covered by motorcycle insurance much like scooters are. Although ATVs do not require insurance since they aren’t meant to be ridden on city streets, they can be added to many motorcycle insurance policies as well.


4.   What is and is not covered by motorcycle insurance?

Just like auto insurance, there are several levels of vehicle insurance available for a bike or scooter. If you don’t have much invested in your bike, you may choose to go with liability insurance. Policies are available that include personal injury coverage and theft of the bike or accessories.


For a higher premium, you can add in towing and roadside assistance. If you plan to participate in competitive events with your bike, it’s important to find out if you need special insurance as this type of use is not typically covered.

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