No one wants to experience a burglary. Knowing someone has been inside your home and violated your privacy is hard enough, but losing your belongings can be devastating. And then there’s the cost to your sense of security and trust in your family’s safety.


Despite the frustration and fear that comes with having your home broken into, having a good homeowner’s insurance company can help to ease the burden. At Value Plus Insurance company, our insurance brokerage company team is committed to helping you protect your home, family, and property.


In this post, we’re sharing tips for recovering stolen property after your home has been burglarized. Give us a call to discuss homeowner’s insurance options for your Minnesota or Wisconsin home today.

Planning Ahead

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, an adage that is doubly true when it comes to protecting your home property. Although no one wants to imagine their home getting broken into, it pays to plan ahead for the worst while hoping for the best.


Here are a few things you can do to protect your home in case of theft:


●        Keep a detailed record of your most valuable property including model numbers, serial numbers, and receipts.

●        Take photos of the more valuable items including any features that could help law enforcement to identify and recover your personal property.

●        Update your renter’s insurance or homeowner’s insurance policy to cover valuable items.

●        Don’t undervalue your items to save on costs unless you’re willing to risk a lower payout down the road.

After You’ve Been Burglarized

As soon as you realize your home has been burglarized, you need to make a police report right away. Don’t touch anything or disturb the scene. If it’s possible to snap photos without disturbing the crime scene, get as many as you can.


When you speak with police, tell the officer exactly what was stolen in as much detail as possible. Here’s where that personal file of serial numbers and pictures comes into play. Present this information to the police so that they can file a detailed report and possibly recover your belongings.


If you give a copy of your documentation to the police, be sure to keep one for yourself. You should also request a copy of the police report and file it with your list of stolen property.

Here are a few places you can look to possibly recover your stolen goods:


●        Local pawn shops

●        Facebook Market

●        Craigslist

●        eBay


If you do come across your stolen property, never try to recover it yourself. Instead, take screenshots and share this information with the police.

Call Your Minnesota Homeowner’s Insurance Company

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