When you invite guests into your home, you’re probably thinking about what kind of food you want to serve or how much seating you’ve got for your company. If you’re like most people, the last thing you’re thinking about is whether you’ve got some unforeseen liability issues that could end with a claim on your homeowners insurance. But if one of your guests gets injured while on your property, you could end up having to make a claim, which is why it’s important to understand what your insurance covers.


At Value Plus Insurance, our Minnesota insurance brokerage company offers a wide range of insurance policy solutions throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. We’ve put together this guide to break down what you need to know about liability issues and homeowners or renter’s insurance. Not sure what your insurance will cover? Give us a call to update your policy.

Common Liability Issues

Most renter’s insurance and homeowner’s insurance include personal liability coverage. Liability covers may help to pay for an injured party’s expenses or property damage if you’re found responsible. In some cases, it can help to cover your legal expenses if you are sued due to an accident that occurs in your home.


Most homeowners and renter’s insurance starts with a base limit that depends on the individual policy. However, liability limits can be raised by purchasing additional coverage.


These are some of the most common home liability issues:

●      Accidents

One of the more common claims is due to accidents that occur on the policy holder’s property from loose railings to broken steps to falling branches. It is a common misconception that trespassers and uninvited guests are excluded from liability issues.

●      Pet bites

Homeowners and renters insurance typically covers injuries and damages caused by pets, although coverage may vary from one policy to the next. According to industry experts, the average dog bite settlement cost more than $43,000 in 2019. Some breeds may be excluded if the insurance company considers them more dangerous due to the extent of typical injuries and likelihood of bites, so it is best to find out what your policy covers before an incident should arise.




●      Tree Damage

During wild weather, branches and trees can fall on neighboring vehicles or property and cause damage. The property owner is ultimately responsible for trimming back potentially hazardous branches. Even if you’ve kept up with your responsibilities and a tree damages your neighbor’s vehicle, the expense could cost you tens of thousands of dollars if not covered.

●      Drunk Drivers

If a guest on your property is allowed to leave while intoxicated and causes harm to another person or property, you may be held legally liable. Your best bet to prevent this from occurring is to limit guest consumption and never allow underage guests to consume alcohol. However, liability insurance may cover part of the expenses if you are hit with a lawsuit.

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