It’s been a tough year, but in a few short months, we’ll all have more than enough to celebrate. With the world returning to normal after unprecedented time and vacation season kicking off, this summer has the potential to be a record-breaking year for travel. And goodness knows most of us could use a whole lot of fun in the sun after all of the difficult times we’ve faced together during the pandemic.

At Value Plus Insurance, we work with Minnesota and Wisconsin residents every day to keep their families safer and healthier as a seasoned insurance brokerage company. That’s why we’re sharing these helpful tips for summer travel safety so you can make the most out of your summertime vacation whether it’s abroad or a stay-cation right here at home. Keep this list handy as you set a course for adventure and don’t forget to call our agents about car insurance, homeowners insurance, and all of your other insurance needs.

Be Wary of Ticks

In Minnesota, we have more than our fair share of creepy-crawly critters. Even if you’re just hanging out on your lawn, it’s a good idea to spray your family including sandals or shoes with flea and tick spray. In Minnesota, we get three main types of ticks: deer ticks, lone star ticks, and blacklegged ticks. Dog tick bites are the most common and can be extremely irritating but generally do not spread disease in humans. Nonetheless, it’s better to be safe than sorry and avoid tick bites altogether.

Always Use “Touch Supervision” With Young Children

Around half of child drownings take place in the vicinity of an adult, and unlike in the movies, drowning usually happens in silence. “Touch supervision” simply means remaining within touch distance of young children from preschool age down.

If at all possible, designate an adult to watch each young child if you’re near a body of water. Above all, never focus on your phone rather than the children you’re watching as the worst can happen quicker than you think. 

Keep Your Phone Charged and Handy

Mobile phones offer a level of security that wasn’t available to travelers a few decades ago, but only if they’re charged and always on-hand. Make sure your location-sharing is turned on so you can use GPS services.

GPS can also be used to locate you and your family in the event of an emergency. At the same time, keep a map and emergency kit handy just in case you end up in a service-free area.

Be Vigilant About Hot Cars

Hot cars are incredibly dangerous for children and pets alike during the summer months. Never leave pets or children in a hot vehicle, and be aware that hot car deaths can happen to loving, attentive families. Many families do not realize these deaths often occur amid the confusion of a changed schedule combined with a silent, sleeping child.

In the chaos, a parent may believe they have already dropped their child off with a shared caregiver. One solution is known as the “teddy bear” method. Leave a teddy bear in the child’s seat when the child isn’t in the car, then move it to the front seat while driving.

Your Friendly Minnesota Insurance Brokerage Company

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