With summer just around the corner, more Minnesota and Wisconsin residents are taking advantage of the warmer weather and breaking out their bikes. Before you ride, remember that just as important as your helmet and riding gear is updated motorcycle insurance.


At Value Plus insurance, we connect riders with the motorcycle insurance price and coverage that’s right for their needs. We’ve found that when it comes to insurance for bikes, even the most experienced riders often have questions. In this post, we’re sharing some of the top motorcycle insurance facts for riders so you can focus on more important things like where to ride this weekend. Give us a call to get your motorcycle insurance quote today!

1.   It’s not just for motorcycles.

One of the biggest mistakes riders make is assuming they don’t need insurance for their bikes because they’re not what’s traditionally considered to be a motorcycle. But when it comes to motorcycle insurance, your Vespa or moped should also be covered.

2.   There are ways to save.

Just as there are plenty of discounts available for your auto insurance, our experienced brokers can find ways to help you save on your motorcycle coverage. In addition to savings for things like bundling coverage, taking motorcycle safety courses, and homeownership, you can also save on many policies by joining your local riders’ group.

3.   It’s surprisingly affordable.

We frequently encounter riders who are blown away by the affordable pricing of motorcycle insurance. It makes sense because motorcycles are much less costly to repair or replace than cars. That’s why many riders use their bike as an affordable second vehicle.

4.   Many policies include roadside assistance.

Never worry about getting stuck without a ride thanks to a battery problem or flat tire. Riders feel more secure when they’re out on the road with optional roadside assistance coverage available through most motorcycle insurance policies.

Contact Your Wisconsin Motorcycle Insurance Company

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking your legal obligations when you purchase a new bike. Just as when driving a car or truck, Minnesota and Wisconsin require coverage while you’re on a motorcycle or scooter.


At Value Plus Insurance, we can help you find a policy in your price range so you can have the peace of mind you need whether you’re cruising down the highway or side roads. To connect with an insurance broker and find out about motorcycle insurance prices, give us a call at 952-435-0550 or contact us online.