We all make mistakes. Sometimes they’re minor and we can easily move on with our lives. And sometimes, unfortunately, they’re difficult moments that we wish we could take back.


When you find yourself in a challenging circumstance as a result of a poor driving decision, you want to do whatever you can to get your life back on track fast. That’s why it’s important to work with a trustworthy insurance company that can help you get SR-22 insurance when you need it like Value Plus Insurance.


An SR-22 is a document that’s required by law after you’ve been convicted of a serious traffic violation in Minnesota or Wisconsin. In this post from Value Plus Insurance, we’ll break down everything you need to know about an SR-22 and talk about how to get yours in order. Give us a call to connect with a broker about SR-22 coverage today.

Is SR-22 a Type of Insurance?

Although you may have heard the term “SR-22 insurance” tossed around, it’s actually not a type of auto insurance at all. Instead, an SR-22 is a type of documentation to demonstrate certification that a driver meets the minimum legal requirements for insurance in the driver’s state.


“SR” is an abbreviation for the phrase “safety responsibility.” You may also hear an SR-22 document referred to as a “CFR” document, which stands for “certificate of financial responsibility.”

Do I Need an SR-22?

Not all traffic violations result in an SR-22 requirement. SR-22 legislation varies from one state to the next, but no matter where you are, filing yours as soon as you’ve been connected is crucial. If you’re required to file an SR-22, this information will be issued during your court hearing. Typically, courts will require a driver to hold an SR-22 for around three years.


These are a few examples of SR-22-requiring offenses in Minnesota or Wisconsin:


●        Reckless driving

●        DUI

●        Driving under suspension

●        Driving without insurance

●        Driver found at fault in serious collision

●        Excessive license points within a certain time frame

Contact Our Minnesota SR-22 Insurance Company

It’s always important to shop around for the best auto insurance rates. But when you’ve got an SR-22 offense or a bad driving record, finding an affordable rate is more important than ever.


At Value Plus Insurance, our understanding brokers can help you find the best rate while you work on getting your driving record back on track. To get started on the path to driving legally, give us a call at 952-435-0550 or contact us online today.