Umbrella insurance gives you an extra tier of liability insurance over and above the policy limits of your underlying coverage. One of the best features of umbrella insurance is that it isn't limited to just one policy. It acts as an additional layer of insurance protection on your home, auto, motorcycle or even your boat coverage. 


You Don't Have to Be Wealthy to Need It

You don't need to be wealthy to need umbrella coverage. We all have assets, and most of us have families too. We have retirement accounts, other investments, equity in your home and bank accounts. If you want to adequately protect all of that plus your family, you'll want to talk to us at Value Plus Insurance about adding additional coverage with umbrella insurance.


Extra Protection When Your Coverage is Exhausted

Most automobile and homeowners liability insurance will cover a maximum of $300,000 per person and $500,000 per accident. A short distraction while driving could cause you to be in a crash with a high earner who is at the peak of his or her career, or that high earner might be a house guest who falls on a patch of ice on your front steps. An accident like either of those could exhaust your liability limits and make you personally responsible for the balance of damages, but your umbrella insurance will be triggered when the limits of your underlying policy end. It protects you on significant property damage too.


Other Coverage it Provides

Another important component of umbrella insurance is that you're covered for risks that you aren't covered for on your homeowners or auto policies.  For example, most umbrella insurance will cover you for claims or lawsuits involving libel or slander or false arrest. It's likely to cover just about any negligent act by your immediate family members, including your pets.


It's Inexpensive Too

Umbrella insurance usually comes in increments of $1 million. It's incredibly inexpensive. The first $1 million might cost around $200 per year, and the next $1 million might only cost about $100. With a good claims history, you might get a $2 million umbrella at less than a dollar a day. 


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