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What Liability Means for Homeowners and Renters

When you invite guests into your home, you’re probably thinking about what kind of food you want to serve or how much seating you’ve got for your company. If you’re like most people, the last thing you’re thinking about is whether you’ve got some unforeseen liability issues that could end with a claim on your homeowners insurance. But if one of your guests gets injured while on your property, you could end up having to make a claim, which is why it’s important to understand what your insurance covers.

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Holiday Tips from Your Insurance Company

The holidays are upon us at last, and after a challenging year, we need a little holiday celebration more than we ever have before. But before you deck the halls or hang your stockings by the tree, don’t forget to be extra careful during the holidays so you can enjoy a safe and healthy new year.

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A Room by Room Guide to Renter’s Insurance

There are plenty of great reasons to rent rather than buy a home. Renting offers much greater flexibility than homeownership. You can easily decide to move without being tied down to a mortgage and sucked into the lengthy home selling process.

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What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

We should expect the best but prepare for the worst, or so the saying warns. Too often, renters go unprotected against emergencies. Homeowners need insurance to protect their homes, but as renters, it can be easy to forget you still have belongings that need protection.

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Revising Your Renter's Insurance Annually: What Should You Check?

Every year, it's a good idea to revise all of your insurance policies. Get new quotes on your auto insurance; make sure you have enough health insurance... but what about your renter's insurance? Most people just let their renter's insurance auto renew, but there are a few reasons you might want to consider taking a second glance at your policy.

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5 Reasons You Need Renters Insurance

If you’re renting an apartment or home and a fire or other disaster damages your rental or personal property, you’re correct in assuming that the landlord has enough insurance to cover his losses. But that policy only takes care of what he owns, such as the structure or his furniture, if the place is rented furnished. It does not cover any of your possessions. So to protect yourself, you’re going to need renters insurance. Here are some additional reasons to sign up for this policy.

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Why You Need to Have Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is often optional and unless your landlord requires it, you might not even know that it's something you should have. But renters insurance protects you in a lot of ways, many of which you might to realize until too late. Here are just a few situations in which renters insurance can become critical:

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Why Renters, Including Students, Need Renters Insurance

Why Renters, Including Students, Need Renters Insurance

People in Burnsville, MN and the surrounding Minneapolis/St. Paul MN area choose to rent for a variety of reasons. For some, there are economic reasons. Some may be employed in the area on a temporary assignment. Others may be downsizing as retirement nears and still, others may be students or those just starting out in their careers. These are all situations where acquiring renters insurance would be a smart thing to do.

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Why You Need Renters or Homeowners Insurance

Whether you are renting your first apartment, purchasing your very first home, or renting or buying an Oceanside condo to live out your retirement years, renters insurance and home insurance are the first and most important thing you should purchase.

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