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Four Reasons You Should Never Be Without Renters Insurance

Many renters forego renters insurance because they assume it's not going to help them much. After all, they can replace their property if something does happen. But renters insurance actually covers much more than just your personal possessions. There are many situations in which you absolutely should not be caught without it.

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What You Need to Know About Renters Insurance

If you're going to rent an apartment or a house, it's unlikely that you'll be able to hold your landlord responsible for loss of, damage to or theft of your personal property.  That's why renters insurance can help.  It's incredibly inexpensive too.  Here are a few answers to questions about renters insurance.

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Protecting the Treasures You Hold Dear

We all have certain items of personal property that we just can't ever imagine losing.  You can protect the personal items that mean the most to you though through a scheduled or special personal property endorsement that's custom fitted to meet your personal needs.  Some items of personal property might be impossible to replace because of their present day value, or they're so close to your heart that they just can be replaced.  While these items might be covered on your homeowners policy, it's likely that you only have partial coverage.  Do you really want things insured for only 20 percent of what you paid for them?  That's why you'll want to think about special or scheduled endorsement coverage.

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3 Types of Insurance Every Person Truly Needs

There are three things that you really need to protect: your health and your two biggest financial assets - your home and your vehicle. Value Plus Insurance can provide you with health, homeowners, and vehicle insurance.

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