SR-22 & DUI Car Insurance

SR-22 Insurance for Minnesota and Wisconsin

You made a mistake, got a DUI and your regular insurance company is now going to drop you. What can you do next? Many states require certain drivers, usually those convicted of an alcohol-related driving offense such as DUI or refusing to submit to a chemical alcohol test, to provide proof to the state that you are carrying auto insurance. The state demands a document called an "SR-22". We specialize in handling these documents, and providing them to the department of motor vehicles in a timely manner. This means getting you back on the road faster and without hassles.

Car Insurance With a DUI

At Value Plus Insurance we understand what you are going through and specialize in getting car insurance after a DUI. Don’t overpay for SR-22/DUI Insurance in Minnesota or Wisconsin just because you made a mistake. We will get your policy set up quickly and find the cheapest DUI insurance as possible. In most cases we can get your driving privileges reinstated the same day.

We shop multiple insurance companies on your behalf to ensure you save as much as possible. You would be surprised at the rates we can get for you. Give us a call on our hotline or request a quote and we will get on the road again in no time.

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